Learn how to make TAPAS, KEMIA, MEZZE, STARTER, AMUSE-BOUCHE …. using a base of 5 products (oil, vinegar, lemon, cheese, white, garlic) and only three « aromates », according to your tastes and your favorite ingredients; vegetables, meat, fish … your ways to design your meal, your taste, your life style, your friends ….
We customize your courses, using the Art-romate method: simplicity, lightness, surprise or taste and pleasure to create are the key words.
The utensils briefcase (used in class) and the book THE INTENSE are given to each participant.


Various aromatics sauces described in the book, are proposed in the sale; vinaigrettes, oil, marinades, broth, mayonnaises, white sauces, mustards, butters, jellies, rosted spices, salts.


Sauces to come, according to the method of the book

Spices dehydrated, roasted, preserved, browned, ground
A set of favored products: salts, oils, vinaigrettes, marinades, broth, mayonnaises,, mustards, butters, jellies