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A craft box designed by Art-romate/strong>

Each box is cubic in shape and handcrafted made with bamboo fibers. this grass high growth is recognized for its lightness, its mechanical performance and its hygroscopic properties (bamboo absorbs moisture), ideal for conservaton powders, aromatic seeds, legumes, coffees and teas.

In such a workshop, a food varnish is applied on each box to ensure a fniton anttache and odorless, according to current standards.
Modular and interchangeable boxes, which include :

basic shape in bambou

– drawer and bambou plate to split in two parts
– easy to be on table or fix on the wall

max capacity tray
500 g or 2X250 g, based on ingredient

– interchangeable from one box to another
– Easily transportable for using in the kitchen, in the dining room, a dining table, etc.,

split with a removable bamboo plate

– To compartmentalize distncts two spaces in a drawer,

a wooden cover

– easy to handle.
– Preserves from air and light, perfumes and flavors of your products.


Boxes combine as you like !

Top, bottom, sides, the Anji boxes fit together to meet the evolving needs of cooks. The latter may also :

– Increase the spices storage capacity by combining the boxes horizontally or vertically,

– Reduce the number of boxes to save place in the kitchen,

– Create multiple storage islands by area culinary preparaton,

– How your creativity by arranging according to your inspirations,


Holding boxes for all your ingredients:


Width * height * depth

Empty weight


Boite photo pro1 drawer (up to 2 ingredients)




120 * 120 * 100 mm




600 g





Boite Anji 42 drawers (up to 4 ingredients)




235 * 120 * 100 mm




1100 g





DSC_26324 drawers (up to 8 ingredients)




235 * 235 * 100 mm




2200 g







Anji Contenance AN

Box to store up to 2 ingredients (2 compartments, 1 drawer)

Box to store up to 4 ingredients (4 compartments, 2 drawers)

Box to store up to 8 ingredients (8 compartments, 4 drawers)

Box to store up to 6 ingredients (1 box 1 drawer, 1 box 2 drawers)

Box to store up to 10 ingredients (1 box 1 drawer, 1 box 4 drawers)

Box to store up to 12 ingredients (1 box 2 drawers, 1 box 4 drawers)

Box to store up to 14 ingredients (1 box 1 drawer, 1 box 2 drawers, 1 box 4 drawers)

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