The concept Art-romate places spices in guests of honor. A first book with a selection of 3 exchangeable spices (ginger, curcuma and galanga) and 5 basics (oil, vinegar, lemon, white cheese and garlic).

Easy to find, simple to use and addressing our 5 senses, these ingredients allow you to elaborate a new methodology described in a work of 350 recipes (1st volume of a series of 9) and allowing to realize 150 sauces. This method invites everyone to work this first group of spices, while stimulating its creative spirit and the pleasure of the senses.

The whole sprinkled with quotations, with photos and illustrations signed by the painter Valdet Hamidi.

Books to be published, a declension of the method :

THE HOT : cumin, caraway, poppy
ON AN AIR OF EAST : ginger, galanga, turmeric, cumin, caraway, poppy
THE FRESHNESSES : parsley, coriander, mint
A SOUPON OF EXOTICISM : ginger, galanga, turmeric, parsley, coriander, mint
A CLASHING MARRIAGE : parsley, coriander, mint, cumin, caraway, poppy
THE SECRETS : tonka, nutmeg
A NOTE OF ASIA : ginger, galanga, turmeric, tonka, nutmeg
THE SPICE ROUTE : parsley, coriander, mint, tonka, nutmeg