How to create recipes with one or more herbs and a single base 5 ingredients: oil, vinegar, lime, garlic, white cheese low fat


Bruno Claman born in 1959, grew up in a family of merchants loving and joyful.
Electronics and Commerce diplomas in hand, he joined large companies or it leads brilliantly for 30 years, an international career in the areas of Health and Human Services and Business.

Curious and epicurean, Bruno Claman, reconciles, alongside his hobby for gastronomy and art.
Indeed his travels, business trips, meetings with artists (notably in 1998 Valdet Hamidi, artist painter Honfleur), Chiefs (2009 Bourdas Alexandre, chef, Honfleur & Paris), will promote his tastes and feed his esthete passion for good food.
And way forward, create, transform and create original recipes and utensils, with the idea of sharing one day …/p>

From 2010, it tests and develops carefully over 1,500 recipes, articulated around a major concept, assembly of the only ingredients having crossed over time: Spices and Herbs, with the key word, design simplicity , respect for flavors and fun to offer.
Bourdas Alexander, was a turning point in his decision to continue, but many things were reviewing, says Alexandre Bourdas …« Bruno has to adjust a number of settings and provide more precision in dosages, simplify the connections. ”
Hamidi Valdet illustrating the book, was arrested by the subject close to nature and the senses. A chef uses the mouth roof and a painter’s colors palette.

Independent consultant, in 2014 he is personally funding the first book edition of a collection of 9 books: Art-romate, tome 1 THE INTENSE.
Table utensils, being designed and always in a spirit of innovation and surprise, will soon be added to the collection